“Identity itself is a fundamental social phenomenon constituted by people’s interactions with one another” (Richard Brilliant, Portraiture, 1991).

I am fascinated by the complex relationship we have with the people around us. Our character is formed in part by the various relationships we have in our lives. It is the daily interactions and constant unconscious influences we have on each other that are at the core of my interests.

Through portraiture I explore notions around the networks and exchanges we have. Portraiture can be a sharp critique on identity. In my practice, I make detailed drawings through the process of etching to strive to capture how the face can involuntarily be an instrument that expresses our inner state. I endeavour to create work that is intended for adults but can also be interpreted by children.

I am currently considering how manipulating the gaze of the individuals in my portraits, through different arrangements and enigmatic groupings, can change the way they appear to be engaging with one another.